Have you ever imagined a pizza recipe with “sauce café de paris” on top? What?! That was exactly my reaction when I saw this pizza for the first time at the menu of the Restaurant Motel du Soleil, in Saint-Léonard.

Where did this idea come from? Was it a result from the sun that shines every day over this Restaurant? Did it blossom from the mix of cultures and stories behind the staff that works here? At Gookers we truly believe every dish is unique. There is a special story behind each meal and this one is no exception!

Pizza ingredients

There is a simple idea behind this unique recipe. Putting together two of the restaurant’s main specialties: the pizza dough and the “sauce café de paris”, which according to the chef is the best in all Valais.

The combination of the tomatoes, mozzarella, mushrooms, slices of meat and “sauce café de paris” results in a balanced pizza recipe with a high protein level, which is great especially if you want to recover and strengthen your muscles after having done some exercise.

Pizza recipe – nutrition highlights

  • Tomatoes: Vitamin A (16%), Vitamin C (22%)
  • Mozzarella: Calcium (73%)
  • Mushrooms: Vitamin D (52%), Iron (19%)
  • Meat: Vitamin B-12 (43%), Vitamin B-6 (20%), Iron (14%)
  • Sauce café de paris: It’s better if you don’t know. 😉

But the story behind this recipe does not resume itself to the fresh local ingredients that made up this tasty pizza. There is a dedicated and passionate cook who over the past 20 years has been putting all his heart into making this pizza and that’s what makes it so delicious.

Cooking pizza

Devoted is the best word to describe Dili. Born and raised in Albania, Dili learned how to make pizzas with his brother right after they moved to Germany, when he was only 17 years-old. After living and working illegally for 10 years in Germany, Dili decided to follow his older brother again and together they moved to Switzerland where he found his home in Valais.

Every day at 9:30, he is at the restaurant preparing the fresh pizza dough for his loyal customers. He does not only makes pizza every day at the restaurant but he also prepares it at home for his family so he can continue to improve and innovate his recipe. With so much story, passion and dedication behind, it does not surprise me that Dili’s pizzas are one of the best I ever ate!

There is a unique story behind every meal. What is yours?


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